Best Thing Ever Lightning Round!


You can now make predictions on our Best Thing Ever LIGHTNING ROUND! It’s all Video Game Villains, and we’re voting for an entire column in the bracket at once, 8 in week one, 4 in week two, then 2, then our final round. Visit to make your picks, then vote every week on our Twitter Page!

Help us choose who is the BEST… THING… EVER-EVER-EVER-EVER-EVER!!!


The Christian Nerd of God

We’re back with another episode of The Christian Nerd of Godcast. Scott and Tony T start things off with a little more poop talk because they’ve done too much youth ministry. They want to have a Classic Comic Conversation about Captain Marvel next time. In honor of Valentine’s Day, they Count Down some of their favorite nerdy couples. In Bible Study, from Psalm 1, they learn about spending time with God in order to be fruitful and then they wrap up the show.



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cleanRead Captain Marvel (2012) #1-6

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