We pinned our opponents and advanced to the final round! It’s time for YOU, the fans, to decide who wins the championship belts in the annual Best of Orlando Readers Poll. Vote for us under LOCAL COLOR and we could be crowned BEST IN ORLANDO!

The new champions will be announced Wednesday, Aug. 21.

Predict the Best of the Worst

We’re switching some stuff up in season five as we go into the Bizarro Dimension… where once we predicted the Best Thing Ever now, we give to you our newest bracket…

Welcome to Season Five’s Steve-O Presents: The WORST THING EVER!

We’re talking the WORST superhero movies of all time! Will it Be Batman and Robin? Superman 4: The Quest for Peace? X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Or Fant4stic Four? Make YOUR predictions now!

Best Podcast in Orlando? You Decide!

Once again, we have the opportunity to be in the Best of Orlando competition. We need YOUR HELP, NOGSquad! Simply follow the link to the “Local Color” page of the Best of Orlando Poll and nominate Nerd of Godcast as best podcast. If we get enough nominations we can move on to the actual Best of Orlando poll.
Also, tell a friend! We’re up against some BIG competition, but what a great opportunity to be a light in this city!!!