Help Support this Ministry!

The Nerd of Godcast is a podcast engineered to be a fun, funny, engaging and enlightening voice for the often marginalized “geek community” within the church, as well as an open door of conversation with those outside of the church.

Our goal is to continue providing weekly quality, thought-provoking conversation at no cost to the listener, ad-free. Our basic need is to pay for online storage space, to create an ideal recording environment (we are thankful for what we have, but there are humble upgrades we would appreciate) and to create promotional materials for outreach and brand awareness.

Additional goals are to attend Comic-book, Collectible, Sci-Fi and Anime conventions to reach a larger group of people and share the love and light of Christ to a community often associated with darkness.

Thank you for your consideration and partnership, and may God bless both the gift and the giver!

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