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The Nerd of God.cast is a forum for Christian nerds who love to talk about all things geek. The timeless truth of the Bible is reflected in culture, and never before has our culture been so influenced by things once considered “nerdy.” We embrace both sides of this discussion, living on the edge of where Christ-culture and nerd-culture find sweet, sweet two-player co-op.

The podcast is hosted by 20-year youth ministry veteran and nerd-before-it-was-cool Tony Talavera. He’s joined by a cast of smart, funny geeks who bring to life whatever topic is on the table. Shows are released weekly, and made available through iTunes, Soundcloud, and other ad-free streaming platforms.


One thought on “About”

  1. I love the podcast! It’s a highlight in my week. Each and everyone of you are awesome. Especially Tori. Haha.

    Keep it up, and God Bless!


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