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As of right now, the SPIDER-MAN: Homecoming trailer has been out for about 15 minutes and I have already watched it about 10 times (not a joke) and I LOVED it. Check it out here:


To quote our very own Neff: “ Yes. Absolutely yes. Spider-man is back!” and I completely agree with him. There is so many moments in the trailer that make me incredibly happy. For one, Peter finally feels like he is actually in high school. Sam Rami’s movies spent about 10 minutes on teenage Spidey and quickly moved on. Marc Webbs renditions focused a bit more on Peter in the teens but it never really clicked well for me. This one seems to hit it on the nose. I am very interested and intrigued to see how they are going to have Peter handle these monumental moments while still worrying about his chemistry homework. I am excited to see Peter deal with everything as a “real” teenager would.

I like the look they’re giving the Vulture. I always thought he was a bit odd in the comics and never really cared for the villain, and the trailer makes him see incredibly threatening. I love Michael Keaton as an actor and I hope Marvel and Sony will let him let loose and make this character believable and not just another throwaway villain. One of the few beefs I have with the MCU is that they don’t have amazing villains, sans a select few. Usually, if they’re only in a single movie, they don’t develop the character as well as I would like. That’s not always the case and I hope it isn’t here.

I saw Sam Rami’s Spider-man when I was 11 years old and it captivated me. So much so that my friends and I took all of our actions figures (only one of which was Spider-man related, thankfully it was Spider-man) and made our very own Spider-man movie, which was about 6 hours long and was a continuous, nonsensical mess, but we had fun and geeked out. Tobey McGuire was my Spider-man, much like Michael Keaton is a lot of peoples Batman. I think Spider-man Homecoming might change that for me. Tom Holland seems to be bringing a familiar yet new spin to Peter Parker and I for one am excited for it.

Plus, I never thought I would get so incredibly geekcited* over Spidey’s Web Wings.





*Geekcited may not be and actual word.





Trailer Park: LOGAN

Earlier today, the trailer for the 3rd and FINAL Wolverine movie dropped. Simply called LOGAN and if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out:

Let me start out by saying, that if you take out ALL of the X-MEN elements out of this movie, this trailer still makes me want to see it. Logan AKA Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) looks old and worn out and I like it. However, before I watched this trailer Tony T described it by saying that it looks like it could be the movie trailer for The Last of Us and fortunately/unfortunately, that is all I saw the first few viewings. Even down to the acoustic guitar music behind the entire trailer. For real, there are some shots from this that makes me think that Hugh Jackman could in fact be Joel. All we’re missing is Ellen Paige for Ellie and we got a stew goin’ baby.

But I digress.

All in all, this was a very enjoyable trailer and I’m assuming that they’re going for an Old Man Logan adaptation, which I am not mad at. I (sadly) confess that I’ve only read the first part of OML and from what little I’ve read it already seems like they are straying away from the story. Most of that has to do with the fact that there are Hulk elements in the story as well as a blind Hawkeye, both of which Fox doesn’t have the rights to. I’m not one of those people who are going to get up in arms about that, I just want a good story. So far, to me, that is what this trailer is presenting. It looks gritty, it looks emotional and the cinematography looks astounding. MOVIE NERD SIDE NOTE: This film is being shot John Mathieson, who was the cinematographer for X-Men First Class and Gladiator and that bodes well for me.

All in all, I’m excited for this movie. I’m not rushing to my local cinema and pre-ordering my seats, but I am heavily intrigued. The only part that worries me is the March release (Also my concern with POWER RANGERS but that’s a different discussion) seeing as movies released in February and March tend to not do so hot as it’s the “slow” time for movies as they pass from Oscar season to the summer blockbusters. I really want this movie to exceed my expectations and continue to push comic book movies to a new level, to make them great movies and not looked at as “just a good COMIC BOOK movie”. This movie looks like it can be different.

What do YOU guys think?

Civil War

Yesterday, the Captain America: Civil War trailer finally dropped.

So, I guess that’s old news then?

In case you haven’t yet, check it out:


Civil War is one of my favorite comic book story arcs. So, needless to say I was incredibly excited and intrigued when Marvel announced it as the title to the “Part 2” of 2014’s Winter Soldier. I am very interested on how they will tackle this story in the MCU with what they have built into the universe.

I wont go into to any details on the trailer just yet, I’ll let it speak for itself for now. Although, I cannot help but watch this part (among others) over and over again and geek out every time!


What do you guys think of the trailer?