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New TCNOG Episode: Dad Talk

We’re back with another episode of The Christian Nerd of Godcast.

Tony and Scott talk about the birds and the bees, as well as Galaxy’s Edge. In The List, they discuss some of their favorite nerdy father/son combos. They invite you to read some Star Wars comics in Classic Comic Conversation. And Bible Study takes a look at 1 John 3 and how great it is to have God as our father.


Ping Pong Art Show

On our most recent episode we unveiled a new segment called the Ping Pong Art Show. We draw random ping pong balls from our patented ping pong randomizers… and whatever comes out, we want YOU to draw. Email them to and we’ll feature them in our gallery. It’s going to be random, it’s going to be weird, but if we play along it’s going to be FUN!

Here’s this week’s items!IMG_8810