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The Christian Nerd of God

We’re back with another episode of The Christian Nerd of Godcast. Scott and Tony T start things off with a little more poop talk because they’ve done too much youth ministry. They want to have a Classic Comic Conversation about Captain Marvel next time. In honor of Valentine’s Day, they Count Down some of their favorite nerdy couples. In Bible Study, from Psalm 1, they learn about spending time with God in order to be fruitful and then they wrap up the show.



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cleanRead Captain Marvel (2012) #1-6


Crossovers and Team-Ups

Our very own Tony T is once again joining forces with The Christian Nerd Scott Higa to bring you our latest crossover episode, The Christian Nerd of Godcast.

This time we talk youth ministry, shout about Star Trek, remember 2004, and even find time to talk about Jesus. Check it out, wont you?

New Episode for Friends & Sweethearts!

Check out our latest video episode! It’s the Valentine’s season, and this week we’re talking about love… not just romantic love (although you might find some of that this week in the most awkward dating game ever!) We’re talking “Galentines and Palentines,” the friendships that God gives us, plus Scott Higa stops by to talk Thor the Dark World in our I See You MCU.

NOG Episode 58

We’re not about throwing out babies, but someones got to refresh that bath water. On this episode we talk about refreshing our faith and our fandom.

Plus, Ben Knight steps into his hip hop powered quantum accelerator to put right what once went wrong, and we welcome The Christian Nerd Scott Higa to talk about Thor in this week’s #ISeeYouMCU