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Predict the Best of the Worst

We’re switching some stuff up in season five as we go into the Bizarro Dimension… where once we predicted the Best Thing Ever now, we give to you our newest bracket…

Welcome to Season Five’s Steve-O Presents: The WORST THING EVER!

We’re talking the WORST superhero movies of all time! Will it Be Batman and Robin? Superman 4: The Quest for Peace? X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Or Fant4stic Four? Make YOUR predictions now!

Special Guest Jennifer McGill

As we approach Easter season we have a very special episode where the crew talks about coming back from loss, hurt, failure and obscurity. We’re also excited to welcome former Mickey Mouse Club member Jennifer McGill as she shares her journey from stardom to something far greater.


Check out Jennifer’s new album Unbreakable wherever music is found and get more info about her music and ministry at


The Christian Nerd of God

We’re back with another episode of The Christian Nerd of Godcast. Scott and Tony T start things off with a little more poop talk because they’ve done too much youth ministry. They want to have a Classic Comic Conversation about Captain Marvel next time. In honor of Valentine’s Day, they Count Down some of their favorite nerdy couples. In Bible Study, from Psalm 1, they learn about spending time with God in order to be fruitful and then they wrap up the show.



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