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New Episode for Friends & Sweethearts!

Check out our latest video episode! It’s the Valentine’s season, and this week we’re talking about love… not just romantic love (although you might find some of that this week in the most awkward dating game ever!) We’re talking “Galentines and Palentines,” the friendships that God gives us, plus Scott Higa stops by to talk Thor the Dark World in our I See You MCU.

NOG Episode 58

We’re not about throwing out babies, but someones got to refresh that bath water. On this episode we talk about refreshing our faith and our fandom.

Plus, Ben Knight steps into his hip hop powered quantum accelerator to put right what once went wrong, and we welcome The Christian Nerd Scott Higa to talk about Thor in this week’s #ISeeYouMCU

“I See You MCU” Continues

The next chapter of the Avengers Saga is coming to screens in just a few months. To get prepared the Nerd of Godcast crew is joining with Scott Higa from The Christian Nerd podcast to watch and review each of the MCU movies, one per week, leading up to the showdown with big baddie Thanos.

We’ll be crossing over with The Christian Nerd every week, so stay tuned in the their show and ours as well- you won’t want to miss a marvelous moment.