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Check out the first photos of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel! Reports are saying the costume’s color palate is supposedly inspired by the original Mar-Vell Kree costume. No doubt Carol Danvers will end up in her better know red, gold and blue before it’s all over. What do you think?

Nintendo Drops Cool Cardboard Add-ons

Last night, Nintendo showed one of the most innovative, fun, creative, and cost-effective toys ever made for video games. The Nintendo Labo is a series of Do-It-Yourself cardboard creations that can be used with the Nintendo Switch for a whole new experience, and is set to release April 20, 2018. Some of these cool, interactive “Toy-Cons” include a 13 key piano

A fishing rod

A motorbike

A house

And whatever this thing is

The starting Variety Kit includes “two Toy-Con RC cars, a Toy-Con fishing rod, a Toy-Con house, a Toy-Con motorbike, and a Toy-Con piano.” And will be priced at about $70.

The Robot Kit is an entirely different beast. It includes parts that you can use to “build an interactive robot suit with a visor, backpack, and straps for your hands and feet,which you can then wear to assume control of a giant in-game robot.”

The Robot Kit is set to be a little more expensive than the Variety Kit, at $80.

Each Kit comes with game cartridges for the Nintendo Switch.

Is this the future of Nintendo? Is this the future of gaming? Inexpensive-to-manufacture add-ons. Will you buy these Toy-Con Kits when they come out? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below and on all of our social media.

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  • Episode 97 // I Love the 90's
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  • Episode 96: TLDL // Celebs
    Maybe you don't have an hour and a half to listen to the full show- so we cut out the fluff and went straight to the stuff. Enjoy! Tonight's main idea: Celebrities
  • Episode 96 // Celebrity Status
    This week the crew talks about what it means and what it costs to be a celebrity. Plus, our visit to Disney's Galaxy's Edge, The Worst Thing Ever, and a game of Obama Llama Episode Timeline 0.00.27- Welcome and Introductions 0.03.15- What are you really in to, man? 0.07.19- Working inside Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge 0.21.29- Snack Time (Mr Maple) 0.29.09- Worst Thing Ever! 0.33.11- GAME (Obama Llama) 0.42.22- Random Encounter 0.56.41- The Talk 1.45.09- The Altar Call/Homework
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  • Episode 95 Game Sampler // Abbey or Baddie?
    A Sample game from our Episode 95 ALL PLAY- can you figure out which is a Downton Abbey character and which is a comic book villain?
  • Episode 95 // ALL PLAY!
    The crew comes together for a game night! EPISODE TIMELINE 0.00.00- Welcome and introductions 0.06.00- NOGSquad TOP TEN 0.07.26- GAME- WooBoo 0.24.08- Countdown to 100 0.25.37- Worst Thing Ever 0.29.05- Random Encounter 0.36.54- Special Music (Shazam! by Cutright) 0.39.55- GAME- Baddie or Abbey 0.51.52- GAME- Chunky Monkey Business 0.59.46- GAME- Bible Cranium 1.16.31- Farewell and Bonus Puerto Rican News
  • Episode 94 // Journey into Mystery (with Alexandria Maurica)
    The crew talks about taking big steps into the unknown and why that's hard sometimes. Plus, in Worst Thing Ever its Superman IV vs Venom, we play a game called Pick Your Poison, and lots of news and updates on what's going on in our lives. Episode Timeline- 0.00.00- Welcome and Intrductions 0.08.05- Catching up with the Crew 0.23.37- Worst Thing Ever 0.26.54- Random Encounter 0.39.15- Ping Pong Art Show 0.45.35- (GAME) Pick Your Poison 0.59.13- The Talk 1.25.57- Benediction
  • Team Up // The Christian Nerd of Godcast: Comic Con
    Tony T and Scott Higa talk about what's been going on in their lives since they last recorded. In Nerd News, they talk about Comic Con and what Marvel has in store for Phase 4. And Bible Study takes a look at Matthew 6 and how we can avoid worrying.
  • Episode 93 // Upside Down
    The crew talks about when we get upside down in our faith and feelings, plus a special call in guest Californiablend, a story game and more. Episode Timeline 0.00.00 Welcome and Party Planning 0.04.35- Don't Drink the Bath Water 0.06.32- Megacon Sweepstakes Winners 0.15.17- (GAME) Awkward Storytelling 0.25.22- Worst Thing Ever 0.29.10- Random Encounter 0.38.06- Ping Pong Art Show 0.41.03- Will it Preach? 0.56.35- (THE TALK) Upsidedown
  • Episode 92 // Words With Friends (YOUTH CAMP SPECIAL)
    Our yearly Youth Camp special is a Nerd of Godcast tradition. Join Tony T, Neff, and Pastors Lloyd Smith, Justin Stewart, Adam Baird, and Rodney and Lindsey Cannon as we play games and talk about the power of words.
  • NEFF KNOWS 80 Years of Batman
    NEFF KNOWS 80 Years of Batman by Nerd of Godcast
  • Jackie meets Cristina Vee
    Jackie meets Cristina Vee by Nerd of Godcast
  • Episode 91 // Feels Like the First Time
    We kick off Season 5 with a talk about doing things for the first time, we recap Megacon, play a music game and have a Random Encounter with a guest from the north. Episode Timeline 00.00.00- Welcome Back 00.05.35 Hollaback, Girl 00.07.47- Countdown to 100 00.12.43- Megacon 2019 Recap 00.26.12- Steve-O Presents the Worst Thing Ever 00.33.36- Random Encounter 00.41.09- GAME: Mix Tape 00.58.24- THE TALK- First Time 01.32.22- Good Night, Everyone
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  • Team Up // The Christian Nerd of Godcast
    We're back with another episode of The Christian Nerd of Godcast. Tony T and Scott talk about their favorite video games from old consoles and look at Revelation 21:1-6.
  • Episode 90 // Endgame
    On the final episode of Season 4, the crew talks Endgame, plays a Marvel quote game and put right what once went wrong. 0.00.00- Welcome 0.03.22- Social Media Encounters 0.06.48- Best Thing Ever 0.09.48- BTE Bracket Winners 0.12.21- Zach to the Future 0.16.36- Neff Finally Shows 0.17.19- GAME- Don't Quote Me MCU 0.48.16- Endgame (SPOILERS) 1.22.26- The End
  • Team Up // The Christian Nerd of Godcast SPOILER-FILLED ENDGAME SPECIAL
    I See You MCU returns as Tony and Scott waste very little time before diving in to Avengers Endgame. SPOILER HEAVY!
  • Episode 89// Don't Call it a Comeback (feat. Jennifer McGill)
    As we approach Easter season we talk about coming back from loss and hurt, failure and obscurity. We're also excited to welcome former Mickey Mouse Club member Jennifer McGill as she shares her journey from stardom to something far greater. Episode Timeline 0.00.00- Welcome and Introductions 0.04.13- Best Thing Ever Video Game Villains 0.7.31- Shout Out to Patreon Sponsors 0.10.34- Comebacks 0.21.42- Special Guest (Jennifer McGill) 1.05.05- Sicky Steve-O 1.08.00- Goodnight Everybody
  • Team-Up // The Christian Nerd of God Ep. 8
    Worlds collide as the Christian Nerd Scott Higa and the Nerd of God Tony Talavera join forces to bring you entertainment and enlightenment. We talk about the new Star Wars Episode IX trailer, look ahead to Easter, and discuss Romans 6.
  • Episode 88 // Ready to Rumble
    As believers, we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Today we're talking sports entertainment... WCW, WWE, and all the fun of Pro Wrestling. With Special guests Mike D and David. EPISODE TIMELINE 0.00.00- Welcome and Intro 0.05.15- Why We Like Wrestling? 0.13.02- GAME- Hit My Music! 0.32.29- Neff Knows... Kinnikuman 0.38.55- Best Thing Ever! 0.42.57- GAME- Cut a Bible Promo 0.54.45- THE TALK- Spiritual Wrestling 1.25.30- The Landing
  • Episode 87 // Unmasked
    We talk Youth Pastor Summit, the Disney/Fox acquisition, a Best Thing Ever Lightning Round, and discuss the masks people wear. Episode Timeline 0.00.00- Welcome/Introduction 0.02.21- Pizza Talk and Who Killed Heath Ledger? 0.08.44- What's New in Nerd World? 0.20.32- Road to Megacon 0.27.00- BEST THING EVER 0.37.28- GAME- 8-for-8 (#YPS19 Edition) 0.55.21- The Talk (MASKS) 1.33.35- Presents for Neff 1.36.13- Closing Time
  • Team-Up // The Christian Nerd of God Ep. 7
    Worlds collide as the Christian Nerd Scott Higa and the Nerd of God Tony Talavera join forces to bring you entertainment and enlightenment. We talk Captain Marvel, Moses and the burning bush, and let the chips fall where they may.
  • Episode 86 // The List
    This week we wrap up Best Thing Ever Villains Edition, play a Name Blending Game, and discuss our top lists of Games, Movies, Christian Artists and Bible Characters. Episode Timeline 0.00.00- Welcome and Introductions 0.03.41- Jelly Bean Talk 0.8.20- What Are You In To? 0.14.43- GAME- Steven's Redemption 0.25.45- Best Thing Ever FINALE 0.35.00- The Talk 1.26.06- Closing Comments
  • Team-Up // The Christian Nerd of God Ep. 6
    Worlds collide as the Christian Nerd Scott Higa and the Nerd of God Tony Talavera join forces to bring you entertainment and enlightenment. In preparation for Captain Marvel's release, Classic Comic Conversation looks at Carol Danvers taking on the Captain Marvel mantel. In Bible Study, they talk about their own failures and how God wants to work through our shortcomings.
  • Episode 85 // ALL PLAY
    This episode is an All Play, all games, all night- This time the games were all brought by different members of the crew! EPISODE TIMELINE 0.00.23- Welcome and Intros 0.07.38- Best Thing Ever 0.12.58- All Play! 0.15.09- SHOWS FOR THOSE WHO KNOWS 0.31.25- Win Jackie's Blanket! 0.33.30- FRASES FAMILIARES 0.42.50- SOUNDS FAMILIAR: MCU EDITION 1.06.48- WHAT'S MY NAME AGAIN? 1.11.54- THE CHAMELEON 1.23.04- All Play Review and Goodnights
  • Team-Up // The Christian Nerd of God Ep. 5
    Worlds collide as the Christian Nerd Scott Higa and the Nerd of God Tony Talavera join forces to bring you entertainment and enlightenment. We start with more poop talk because we've done too much youth ministry, count down some of our favorite nerdy couples, and read the first Psalm.
  • Episode 84 // Sex, Drugs, Rock N' Roll* and False Advertising
    *This episode contains no actual sex, drugs, or rock n' roll. Sometimes what's in the box doesn't match what's on the box. This week we talks Fyre Festival and how sometimes we might be misrepresenting what it means to follow Jesus. Episode Timeline 0.00.00- Welcome and Introductions 0.05.39- Back from the Bahamas 0.09.11- Megacon Updates 0.13.52- NOG Open Auditions 0.16.48- Superbowl Commercials Recap 0.32.02- (GAME) Fill in the Blanks 0.44.09 Best Thing Ever Semi-Final Round 0.46.36- (THE TALK) False Advertisement -
  • Bonus Episode // Bahamian Rhapsody
    The NOG crew takes to the high seas on a cruise ship to the Caribbean. What adventures awaited them in the Bahamas? Who discovered they had an addiction to coin operated gaming? Who threw up on who? Listen to find out!
  • Team-Up // The Christian Nerd of God Ep. 4
    Worlds collide as the Christian Nerd Scott Higa and the Nerd of God Tony Talavera join forces to bring you entertainment and enlightenment. We talk X-Men, ministry and even a little about Jesus.
  • Episode 83 // Guilty Pleasure
    This week we talk about our guilty pleasures and how we deal with actual guilt. Episode Timeline 0.00.00 Welcome and introductions 0.05.07 Chatting about things 0.23.21 (BEST THING EVER) Joker vs Vader 0.29.18 (GAME) Weird Things Humans Search For 0.48.20 (THE TALK) Guilty Pleasures
  • Team-Up // The Christian Nerd of God Ep. 3
    Worlds collide as the Christian Nerd Scott Higa and the Nerd of God Tony Talavera join forces to bring you entertainment and enlightenment. We talk youth ministry, Star Trek, Marvel Comics and even a little about Jesus.
  • Episode 82 // Starting Strong (feat. J-Mart)
    As the year starts we talk about how easy it is to start well but hard hard it can be to finish strong too. We welcome back Josh "J-Mart" Martin. Episode Timeline 0.00.00- Welcome/Introductions 0.11.50- New Year's Day Recap 0.21.41- Famous Firsts (A Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Game) 0.36.44- New Year Updates 0.48.17- Best Thing Ever (Green Goblin vs Kahn) 0.52.23- A Trip Down Meme-ory Lane 1.04.52- The Talk- STARTING WELL 1.31.20- Closing 1.32.43- Bonus Interview
  • Team-Up // The Christian Nerd of God Ep. 2
    Worlds collide as the Christian Nerd Scott Higa and the Nerd of God Tony Talavera join forces to bring you entertainment and enlightenment, heralding the beginning of the Nerdy Christian Universe.
  • Episode 81 // Talk TV
    The crew talks about their favorite television shows, where they draw the line on appropriate content, and the limited benefits of sharing a birthday with Jesus. Episode Timeline 0.00.22- Welcome and Introductions 0.06.33- GAME- UVerses Television 0.28.56- Best Thing Ever and Special Guest 0.43.39- QUIZ- Who's Your TV Alter Ego 0.58.42- Talk TV 1.27.15- TV Talk gets Spiritual 2.02.40- The Landing
  • Team-Up // The Christian Nerd of God Ep. 1
    Finally... worlds collide as the Christian Nerd Scott Higa and the Nerd of God Tony Talavera join forces to bring you entertainment and enlightenment, heralding the beginning of the Nerdy Christian Universe. "Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor" - Ecclesiastes 4:9
  • Episode 80b // Behind-The-Scenes (Bathroom Break)
    Episode 80b // Behind-The-Scenes (Bathroom Break) by Nerd of Godcast
  • Episode 80 // Christmas with Scott Higa
    This week the Christian Nerd @ScottHiga takes over hosting duties in Tony T's absence and the crew talks Captain Marvel, Neff plays a game called Occupation Affiliation, and we look at the surprisingly elusive true meaning of Christmas.
  • Episode 79 // We'll Do It Live
    We go live on Facebook to talk thankfulness and Black Friday strategy, we play some interactive games and hear from some of you in the comments section. To watch the video version, visit
  • Episode 78b // Too Soon For Christmas?
    How soon is too soon when it comes to Christmas? We discuss, plus a new Christmas song by @BenKnightHipHop
  • Episode 78a // Interview with Dr. Fred Garmon, Leader Labs
    As a supplement to our episode 78, this is Tony's full, unedited interview with Dr. Fred Garmon of Leader Labs.
  • Episode 78 // Leaders Lead
    This week we talk about leadership and what takes to be a great leader. We play a game with an UNO deck and interview Dr. Fred Garmon from Leader Labs. Episode Timeline 0.00.00- Welcome and Introductions 0.06.24- Youth Pastor Summit and Whatnot 0.16.55- Best Thing Ever 0.22.22- UKnow (GAME) 0.46.25- The Talk (Leaders Lead) 1.07.14- Interview Dr. Fred Garmon 1.14.57- Leadership Test
  • Episode 77 Bonus Game // BIBLE AUTOPSY
    A bonus game from our Episode 77 //Fear Itself Can you identify the victim based on the Biblical cause of death?
  • Episode 77 // Fear Itself
    This week we talk all things that go bump in the night and send shivers down your spine. Plus a Horror Movie trivia game that we force pastors to play and we welcome back an old friend. Episode Timeline 0.00.31- WELCOME 0.05.12- One Point Six Billion Dollars 0.08.59- Things To Which We Subscribe 0.18.38- Church Polity and Giveaways 0.22.21- GAME- Does Your Pastor Watch Horror Movies? 0.38.42- Best Thing Ever 0.46.54- Welcome the Terror 0.49.13- THE TALK- Fear Itself 1.42.41- Closing Salutations
  • Episode 76 Bonus Game // Don't Quote Me
    Steve-O hosts a misquoted movie quote game. See how well you know your lines!
  • Episode 76 // This is Us (Testimony Night)
    This week we share our testimonies and how God has moved and worked in our lives. We welcome Nerd of Godsquad member Alexandria Maurica! EPISODE TIMELINE 0.04.03- Welcome Special Guest 0.09.00- Random Convo 0.40.25- Best Thing Ever 0.49.06- Alexandria Begins 0.54.52- Testimony Time 0.58.29- Jackie's Story 1.03.11- Lismari's Story 1.08.34- Neff's Story 1.17.28- Steve-O's Story 1.29.52- Alexandria's Story 1.50.42- The Landing 2.02.58- Blessing and Dismissal
  • Episode 75 BONUS GAME // Family Feud
    Episode 75 BONUS GAME // Family Feud by Nerd of Godcast
  • Episode 75 Bonus Game // Is You Is part 2
    Episode 75 Bonus Game // Is You Is part 2 by Nerd of Godcast
  • Episode 75 Bonus Game // EU or EU?
    Episode 75 Bonus Game // EU or EU? by Nerd of Godcast
  • Episode 75 // All Play! (feat. Scott Higa)
    This episode is an All Play, all games, all night- with special guest Scott Higa,The Christian Nerd. EPISODE TIMELINE 0.00.20- Welcome and Intros 0.05.28- Best Thing Ever 0.09.05- All Play! 0.09.38- Is You Is or Is You Ain't? (part one) 0.16.52- Welcome Scott Higa 0.18.43- Weird Things Humans Search For 0.39.43- Lost in Translation 0.58.41- Host with the Most 1.18.13- Closing Salutations
  • Episode 74a // The Evil People's Court (A Nerd of God Game)
    Episode 74a // The Evil People's Court (A Nerd of God Game) by Nerd of Godcast
  • Episode 74 // The Face of Evil
    We discuss the evil across out favorite fictions, and, as we observe 9/11, we remember that evil exists in real life, too. Best Thing Ever- JOKER vs MAGNETO Special Guests- Howard Salter, Friday Ssemujju
  • Episode 73 // No Unimportant Moments
    The NOG crew share the moments that make us. Plus we play a Bible game, talk about Dungeons & Dragons, pit Magneto vs the Joker, and find out about the monsters of Puerto Rico. Episode Timeline 0.00.00- Welcome and Introductions 0.07.33- The Hot Seat 0.16.16- D&D Recap 0.23.55- Crazy Puerto Rican News 0.30.40- Mythological Creatures 0.34.43- Best Thing Ever (Villains Edition) 0.38.56- Bible PPT Game 0.51.38- Nerd Of God Moments 1.06.05- The Talk (No Unimportant Moments)
  • Episode 72 // Character Counts
    We talk about the characters we love and why we love them, plus what it takes to demonstrate Christlike Character in our lives. We also take personality tests and engage in a wordplay game. Surprisingly, Lismari returns. EPISODE TIMELINE 00.20- Welcome and Introductions 9.52- Spend a day in D.C. with Steven or Nich 13.16- NOG goes ASMR 14.41- WordPlay (CONTACT!) 39.38- Best Thing Ever 1.04.00- Personality Tests 1.20.44- The Talk (Character Counts) 1.32.48- Nerdy Resolutions
  • Episode 71 // There and Back Again
    In the Season Four premier we talk about the journeys we undertake in our lives and how God uses them to shape us for our true purpose and destiny. We also welcome new crew member Lismari. EPISODE TIMELINE 00.49- Welcome and Introductions 13.30- If We Were 29.43- Best Thing Ever 42-52- GAME (Who's on the Menu?) 52.44- Vacation Food 1.02.32- The Talk (There and Back Again) 1.51.12- Unintentional Predictions
  • Episode 67 Supplemental // SUPER FIGHT!
    The crew enjoys a rousing game of Super Fight in a deleted scene from Episode 67. Get your own copy of Super Fight at
  • Season 3 Youth Camp Special // Camp Rock
    Tony T hangs out with friends from Youth Camp and talk music, do bad impressions, and share youth camp memories. Tony's X-Treme 90's playlist Sonseed (Jesus is My Friend) The Renewed Mind if the Key
  • Episode 70 // Cliffhanger
    We've reached the end of our three season journey, and as we wrap up the season finale we discuss how some of our favorite stories deal with the dangling plot lines that we call cliffhangers. We'll also play a cat game with Neff, recap our week at Megacon and enjoy an all too rare visit from Nerd of Godcast founding member The lovely Tori Jones. EPISODE TIMELINE 0.01.01- Welcome and Introductions 0.06.32- If We Were Take One 0.11.11- If We Were take Two 0.24.11- Tiny Puppies 0.25.53- Retail Therapy and Coupon Codes 0.26.53- Solo Spoiler Free Review 0.32.18- Barely Contained Anger 0.35.00- Megacon 2018 1.05.08- GAME (Panther or Panther) 1.17.45- Cliffhangers 2.07.09- THANK YOU, PATRONS!
  • Episode 69// Grow Up
    "What episode is this, Bill and Ted?" "Sixty-Nine, Dudes!" With that, this week we're talking about being a grown up. It's a world where you can stay up as late as you want and eat ice cream for breakfast, but you've also got to pay bills, go to the gym, do taxes and watch things like Dancing with the Stars... being an adult is the prefect picture of great power and great responsibility. EPISODE TIMELINE 0.5.51- What's in EJ's Cup? 0.17.25- GAME- Who's Your Daddy? 0.40.24- The Only Bad Pizza is No Pizza 0.45.45- THE TALK- Grow Up! 1.38.20- Characters That Grew Up 1.47.45- The End of Our Journey
  • Episode 68 // Testing In Progress
    Pop quiz, hotshot! This week we're talking about the tests that we go through in life, from how we fare to how we prepare. We'll also do which of the following? A) Play a rhyming game B) Discuss the brilliance of Kanye West C) Turn one of the twins into an urban legend monster D) All of the above EPISODE TIMELINE 0.01.11- Welcome and Introductions 0.06.12- If We Were 0.15.24- Rhyme Time 0.17.04- Poopity Scoop 0.27.42- Infinity War Re-Reflection (SPOILERS) 0.44.51 (Spoilers End) 0.46.22 Neff News 0.55.09 The Talk (Testing) 1.49.28 Fear has a new name
  • Episode 67 // The Good Fight
    Conflict seems to be a foundational element to who we are as humans... but what if God has a different way to look at why we do battle? What if there really is a GOOD FIGHT? Plus we do a little time-hopping and give both our predictions and review of Marvel's Avenger: Infinity War. We had a game, but it turned into a full episode on its own, so we'll post that as a bonus feature on our blog at
  • Execute Episode 66
    Amidst speculation that someone is going to die in the Avengers' Infinity War, and inspired by Palpatine's Order 66, we discuss the beauty of life and the inevitability of death. For those who's faith rests in the Lord death is not the end, merely the end of the beginning. With guests Sheena Talavera and David S. Nelson. EPISODE TIMELINE 0.0.56 Welcome and intros 0.6.47 If We Were- Disney Sidekicks 0.18.36 Thanos Demands Your Silence 0.46.41 Twitter game 0.47.58 Who Gon' Die in Infinity War? 0.21.16 GAME: Chicken and the Egg- MCU Edition 1.04.05 THE TALK (Order Sixty-Six) 1.34.27 - Post-creditmania
  • SEASON 1.5 // Episode 1
    We've got a NEW episode in the flavor of Season One as we reunite the ORIGINAL Nerd of Godcast Crew. Whether you've been with us since the start or this is your first time around, enjoy a look at what our show might have been like if The Lovely Tori never left.
  • Episode 65 // Annoyed!
    If you look hard enough, everyone has something that really grinds their gears. Today we're going to look at the right and wrong ways to get annoyed. Plus, we're hanging out with a couple new friends, playing Obama Llama, and we re-review Spider-Man Homecoming for #ISeeYouMCU EPISODE TIMELINE 0.6.24- Jokes with Julia 0.11.52- IF WE WERE TOYS 0.25.44- Neff News 0.32.53- GAME: Obama Llama 0.47.20- I See You MCU 1.21.25- The Talk (ANNOYED)
  • Episode 64 // Getting to Know You
    This week we're going to give you a chance to get to know the NOGCast Crew a bit better in a special interview-style episode. Plus Steve-O gets dramatic in tonight's game and we welcome back Scott Higa to chat in this week's #ISeeYouMCU
    There are many things in our lives in which we fail to see to completion. This week we talk about that, plus a game with some new friends from Youth Pastor Summit and we look back at Captain America Civil War in #ISeeYouMCU. EPISODE TIMELINE 0.08.55- IF WE WERE STAR WARS 0.19.08 Megacon Update 0.21.48 Prayer Requests 0.24.24 Youth Pastor Summit 0.30.57 GAME: YPS10/10 0.50.41 I See You MCU (W/Scott Higa) 1.11.34 The Talk: Half Full 1.27.21 Commercial Break 1.28.28 A Car Bumper Rusting 1.45.37 The Sound of Paint Drying 2.03.06 Our Favorite Brownie Recipes
    We're talking about WINNING- from the Oscars to the Olympics to your favorite Video Game, what does it take to win, how do you know you're winning, and what do you get that makes it all worth it? EPISODE TIMELINE 0.06.36- IF WE WERE KIDS TV SHOW HOSTS 0.09.02- Shout out to new Patrons 0.23.44- Neff News 0.32.18- I See You MCU (W/Scott Higa) 1.06.43- NEFF'S M' BAKU CHALLENGE 1.12.37- GAME: YOU'RE THE BEST AROUND 1.41.54- The Talk: WINNING TONY'S HEROES PLAYLIST ON SPOTIFY
  • Episode 61 // Helping Hands
    There are times when you just can't do it on your own, and that's when we need a little help, whether it's from a faithful sidekick, a kind stranger, or from the grace of God. We'll talk about this idea, plus a movie title mash-up game, a special call -n guest from the Nerd of God network, and an announcement about where we will be this May 24-27th.
  • Episode 60 // Our Amazing Friends (A Valentine's Special)
    It's the Valentine's season, and this week we're talking about love... not just romantic love (although you might find some of that this week in the most awkward dating game ever!) We're talking "Galentines and Palentines," the friendships that God gives us, plus Scott Higa stops by to talk Thor the Dark World in our I See You MCU.
  • Episode 59 // Disney: Life Imitating Art
    We're talking Disney, from theme park memories to beloved songs to all the live action remakes of their animated classics. Special Guests Rodney & Linsdey Cannon and Sheena Talavera. Plus, we discuss Avengers with Scott Higa in this week's I See You MCU.
  • Leftovers: Steven and Neff's Favorites from 2017
    Steven and Neff take over the show and recap their favorite moments of 2017. Nothing good can come of this.
  • Episode 58 // Refreshed
    We're not about throwing out the baby, but sometimes you've got to refresh that bath water. This episode we talk about refreshing our faith and our fandom. Plus special music by Ben Knight, and we welcome The Christian Nerd Scott Higa to talk about Thor in this weeks #ISeeYouMCU
  • Episode 57// 2017 Rewind
    We take a look back at the year that was and look forward to all 2018 has in store, from both a fandom and faith perspective.
  • Episode 56// Nerd of Godcast Christmas
    We get excited about the most wonderful time of the year, so let us be the soundtrack to your last-minute shopping, gift wrapping, hot cocoa drinking, snow angel-making holiday fun. Play fun games as we welcome special guest Ben Knight to share some songs and find out what Christmas is all about!
  • Episode 55a// The Last Jedi Reaction (One Shot)
    The crew got together to see the premier of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Hear our initial thoughts and reactions. Featuring guest reviewer Cameron from 1 Geek 4:11 and a special Star Wars song by Christian Nerdcore artist Erik Stephen.
  • Episode 55// This League of Ours
    We're joined by the Christian Nerd Scott Higa and together we spoil the Justice League movie and talk about how we all have a place in God's League. Plus: A game called Chicken vs. Egg Our first impressions of Marvel's Runaways and The Punisher The final round of Best Thing Ever
  • Episode 54//Eternally Grateful
    We review Stranger Things 2, Thor: Ragnarok, and Season One (and done) of Marvel's Inhumans. We discuss the nuanced cuisine known only as Turducken, and the crew opens up and shares that for which we're truly thankful.
  • Episode 53a//The Empire Striketh Back
    A bonus scene of our crew acting out Star Wars, as imagined by William Shakespeare. Steve-O... Han Solo Jessica... Leia Organa Neff... Chewbacca Jackie... C3PO EJ... Lando Calrissian Tony... Guard One
  • Episode 53//Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING
    Not everything needs to have the same flavor. On this episode we'll play a round of "Did they Pumpkin Spice It," talk about fast food social media savagery, and discuss the perils of genre-jumping.
  • Episode 52 // Fear And Trembling
    We talk about the new comic book movie trailers, play a game that reminds us monsters need love too, and as we're in the middle of Halloween season, we discuss the conflict between wanting free candy vs maybe possibly engaging in a satanic ritual.
  • Episode 51 // Inhumanity
    This week we talk about Star Trek: Discovery and Marvel's Inhumans, play Bible Person Place or Thing, and discuss the tragedy of the Las Vegas shooting... not gonna lie, it gets pretty real.
  • Episode 50 // Fifty Shades of All-Play (Feat. Andy Kelly & Ben Knight)
    Not wasting time celebrating 50 shows with nostalgia and all that kind of goings-on, we're going to talk about Hurricane Irma, we meet our hip hop battle winner Ben Knight, and play some boss level trivia games.
  • Episode 49 // Too Soon?
    Welcome to what we THOUGHT was the 50th episode of the NOGcast. In reality it's only episode 49. But that's exactly what we end up talking about... sometimes we try to do things before the thing is ready to be done which usually doesn't work out for anyone. We also announce the winner of our NOGcast rap battle, prepare for a real life hurricane, and mourn the end of #StevenSeason.
  • Episode 48 // (Un)Cancelled
    This week we talk about the great shows & games that were taken away before their time, and how God extends grace that brings our hearts back from the brink of cancellation. Plus first impressions on Netflix's Defenders, the Nerd of Godcast Rap Battle and a special Christian Nerd podcast cameo.
  • Episode 47 // Without a Safety Net
    WELL, WE TRIED... We set out to do a live, video episode. We wanted to do everything in real time, no edits, nothing cut or added... but something went wrong and all we have left is the audio version and a bunch of good intentions. That's what happens when you live without a safety net.
  • Episode 46 // The One Where Steve-O Is In Charge
    Without advance warning Steve-O is given the captain's chair for this episode, but with no time to prepare or plan, leading the show can be a challenge... We'll talk Comic-Con, take a spiritual gifts test, and discuss living life by faith, vision and intentionality to reach God's best for us.
  • Episode 45//Throwback (for 80s kids)
    This episode we are on location at Florida Youth Camp. We spend the whole time talking about all the things we remember from our childhood in the 80s and early 90s, and then take a look back at church culture THEN vs NOW, plus BEST THING EVER, OBAMA LLAMA, and our reviews of SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING. Tony welcomes a more seasoned crew in Pastors Justin Stewart, Rodney and Lindsey Cannon, Jason and Dani Wright and Lloyd Smith.
  • Episode 44//Brave New World
    Join us as we step into virtual worlds and imagine what it would be like to live in Skyrim, Star Wars and more. Plus we welcome some special guests.
  • Episode 43//Who Do You Trust?
    Trust can be hard to gain and easy to lose. This episode we'll talk about trusting, being trusted, and wonder if, after seeing Wonder Woman, we can trust DC to make good movies now.
  • Episode 42//The Answer
    In honor of this being episode 42 (see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) we're taking an episode to answer YOUR ultimate questions about life, the universe and everything.
  • Episode 41//Love & Marriage
    On our Season Three premier we're talking about Love and marriage, from the standpoint of our top nerdy class couples to some of our ever lovin' favorites from sunday school. Plus a celebrity couple name game, this season's Best Thing Ever, and find out how, with the touch of a button, you can win a Nerd of Godcast prize pack.
  • Episode 40//This is Forty
    “I was thinking about how people seem to read the bible a lot more as they get older, and then it dawned on me—they’re cramming for their final exam.” -George Carlin In our Season Two finale we discuss getting old and we quiz some awesome senior adults on their nerd knowledge. This is 40.
  • Episode 39 // House of Mouse (feat. Rodney Cannon & Leah Adams)
    We welcome Pastor Mayor Rodney Cannon and Theme Park Evangelist Leah Adams to join us in a conversation about the happiest place on earth. Disney Piano music provided with permission by Sam Yung. Check out his collection on Spotify- or on YouTube-
  • Episode 38 // Worst Episode Ever (feat. Hello Revolution & Official NEHS)
    Nails on a chalkboard. Green potato chips. Talking to someone with coffee breath. With all these unsavory things existing in the universe, some hold the opinion that Christians are worse still. Why the bad rap? Did we earn this? Can we shake it? Plus, we welcome back EJ "NEHS" Nieves and the band Hello Revolution.
  • Episode 37 // Alt-Timeline
    This week we stare in to the mirror, gazing into the multiverse of alternate timelines, parallel universes and dark dimensions. What choices have we made that have changed the very fabric of our reality and the direction of our history? Also a 4-year-old named Lorelei hijacks the show.
  • Episode 36 // Try, Try Again (The Art of the Reboot)
    Let's talk reboots and resolutions. A new year is a time where we consider the changes in course we'd like to see in our lives, and we talk about how that shows up in storytelling, pop culture, and our faith. Plus the conclusion of Season Two's BEST THING EVER!
  • Episode 35(a)//Best of the NOG.cast
    Steve-O and Neff kick off 2017 by taking a look back at some highlights form our first two seasons. It's a clip show. Tell us your favorite moments by connecting with us on social media... we're on FB, Twitter, and Insta @NerdOfGodcast
  • Episode 35 // Nerd of God Holiday Special
    PARENTAL ADVISORY: This episode contains frank and direct discussion on the existence of Santa Claus. Just want to make sure we don't ruin any holiday fun for the little ears. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Celebrate the season with your Nerd of God friends, experience the final round of "Best Thing Ever," and allow us to spoil the new Star Wars Rogue One movie for you! Merry Christmas, to all!
  • Blue Christmas (A NOG.cast Bonus Game)
    Neff brings us an encore musical game for our Holiday special that we're offering to you as a bonus Christmas Gift! Be blessed, and merry Christmas.
  • Episode 34 // Return of the Sequel (feat. Official NEHS)
    This week we talk Christmas music, pit Iron Man against Daredevil, play TWO new games, and discover a HUGE secret about Steven and Jessica's past. Also we talk about sequels and why they mostly stink.
  • Episode 33 // Crossover (feat. Scott Higa)
    When a character shows up in a TV show, comic book, movie or game that he or she doesn't belong in, you know things are going to get crazy... Crossover crazy! This week we talk about the best and worst times we've seen universes collide. We also play a rousing round of Punderdome, and we feature special guest Scott Higa, The Christian Nerd.
  • Episode 32 // Worthy?
    Whether it's lifting up Thor's hammer or taking up the cross of Christ, this week we look at what character traits make us worthy.
  • Episode 31 // The Art of Sound Vol. 1 (feat. Chris LaRue & Keith Stacey)
    This week we dive into the movies and games we love and the music that makes them work, plus how music informs our worship and walk with God. This episode features special guests Keith Stacey and Chris LaRue Horton. All video game music used is property of its respective owners.
  • Episode 30 // All*Play
    It's episode 30, so it's time for another ALL PLAY! Brace yourself for the excitement of 10-year-old Marvel Movie Trivia, a Neil Diamond inspired sing-along game, and a classic example of why you never let Steve-O use a thesaurus. Also, we unexpectedly had one more person on the show than normal.
  • Episode 29 // Of Two Minds (feat. Official NEHS)
    This week we talk about how sometimes we need to make the hard choice to change our mind on things, even if it means giving something up that we really care about. We also eat the most disgusting thing we've ever had for Snacktime, Everybody. It made us change our minds about a few things. This episode features special guest EJ Nieves, AKA Offical NEHS.
  • Episode 28 // Timeless
    Why do some things we enjoy stand the test of time and seem to get better with age while others are painfully bad, more than deserving their spot in the thrift store bargain bin? We talk about what separates the classics from the crap. Also, we talk Stranger Things and a Steven brings you a bad, bad rendition of Alexander Hamilton.
  • Episode 27 // Hey, Jealousy
    This week we make out own Favorite 7 Lists, talk a little Pokemon Go, and see what makes us fall victim to the rot that is envy. Then Neff starts taking his clothes off. It's very uncomfortable.
  • Episode 26 // Marvel vs DC vs The Nerd of Godcast
    In this episode we play a clever word game, we spoil the heck out of Suicide Squad (from the 38 minute mark until the 1:03, in case you want to skip it) and we discuss whether you'd want your spiritual life to look like the Marvel or DC cinematic Universe.
  • Episode 25(a) // San Diego Comic-Con (One-Shot)
    In this one-shot episode, the crew is just kicking back around a table at church talking Comic-Con. New trailers, comics and more! Brought to you by Neff News.
  • Episode 25 // All Play!
    Tonight we celebrate Episode 25 with an ALL PLAY night! Five-Second Rule, Super Hero Scramble, Star Wars Trivia and one of our new favorites, Linkee. Plus, use your imagination to pretend YOU'RE eating Pocky with us for Snack Time! If you like the game Linkee, you should purchase it. Get more info at
  • Episode 24 // GO!
    This week the crew plays a very hard Bible game, eats sweet Doctor Who themed balls of fat, then tries top burn them off by playing a little game called Pokemon Go. Have you heard of it?
  • Episode 23 // NOGSquad Goes to Camp (LIVE)
    We hang out with the SUPER CABIN winners from the HERO ZERO YOUTH CAMP. This is one rowdy bunch, but we have a fun time celebrating a great week at camp!
  • NOG LIVE! Youth Camp 2016 (Wednesday)
    Tonight we test our guests comic book knowledge, recap the camp drama, and talk about guilty pleasure movies, all the the soothing sounds of ice cream sandwich wrappers being undone. Featuring Rodney Cannon, Jason Wright, Lloyd Smith and Justin Stewart.
  • NOG LIVE! Youth Camp 2016 (Tuesday)
    On location at Florida Youth Camp, we almost entirely fail to discuss how super heroes are their own worst enemy. We do play the Metagame and keep it fairly family friendly. With Special Guests Dustin Alexander, Justin Stewart, and Mayor Rodney Cannon.
  • NOG LIVE! Youth Camp 2016 (Monday)
    On location at Florida Youth Camp, we discuss which super power is the worst. With Special Guests Dustin Alexander and Mayor Rodney Cannon.
  • Episode 22 // Who's Your Daddy? (Father's Day Special)
    On this unusually musical episode, we pause to say thanks to all the great dads who have challenged us, encouraged us, and helped us grow! Plus we go downtown to Noun Town, check out the Neff News E3 wrap up, and dust off a segment we debuted back in Episode 1.
  • Episode 21 // Age of Apocalypse
    This week we discuss the newest X-Men movie which spins off into a conversation about the real apocalypse. Hilarity ensues. Plus snack time, Neff News, and a Best Thing Ever battle with TV's Will Friedel.
  • Episode 20 // Season Two Premier & All Play
    Steering into our Sophomore Slump, we kick off this season by introducing new crew members and familiar faces, a brand new producer, and the game night that had no choice but to keep them all together. It's Nerd of God.cast Season Two.
  • Episode 19 // All Good Things...
    On this, our season finale, we discuss the best and worst Easter candy, take beef jerky to the movies, and have our collective hearts ripped out when one of us says goodbye to the Nerd of God.cast for the last time.
  • Episode 18(a) // Teen Bible Study (One-Shot)
    Impromptu recording with some of my friends at our Thursday night teen Bible Study! We talk about Paul at Mars Hill, fact vs opinion, and how to defend your faith.
  • Episode 18 // Leaders Lead
    This episode we talk about what it takes to be a great leader, re-live some of the best motivational movie speeches, Tori brings in bean-filled honey pancakes, and Spider-Man shows up in the Civil War trailer. Plus, Neff finally pulled the trigger on a major life decision.
  • Episode 17 // Mistakes Were Made
    Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. No matter what it feels like, our mistakes should not define us. Let's talk about that.
  • Episode 16 // Squad Goals
    "How good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity!" Psalm 133:1 This week we talk about how trust, unity, and even conflict in a team can bring us closer together and make us a family. Life is better together. We're joined by special guest Christian Dzadek, host of Youtube's StreetFood!
  • Episode 15.2 // All*Play
    Tonight we welcome back Jessica Terror and enjoy a night of games in our special ALL PLAY episode. Witness as we try out new, untested games and contests. Laugh with the victories and defeats. Silently judge us as we get too competitive for our own good!
  • Episode 15.1 // I Choose You (Director's Cut)
    Talking about L-O-V-E and all the wonderful stuff that goes along with it, with special quest "Cap'n" Jackie Wilson. We try out a new game called SCIRYL and test ourselves to see what our love language is. This is the director's cut, with 15 minutes of bonus audio as we discuss best nerd-culture class couples!
  • Episode 14(a)// The List (ONE SHOT)
    Don't make her angry. You wouldn't like her when she's angry. Neff is back and try as he might he just can't get on Tori's good side. We play Marvel comics trivia and do a Rando Bible Study, but in the spirit of Matthew 24:22 this episode is cut a little short.
  • Episode 14 // Them's the Rules
    After the tragic loss of their previous episode (#NOG13 #NeverForget) the crew take a look at the rules that exist in the universe, both those that bring frustration and those that bring freedom. Also, we discover that the lovely Tori might have been a dog at one time.
  • Episode 12(a)//WE FLY! Nerdy Christian Music Special (ONE SHOT)
    Check out this one-shot where we feature music by some more of our favorite Christian Nerdy Artists. Enjoy Big AL Cherry, The JustHis League, Sky Blew and Ian the Gecko. Enjoy the sounds and please support these artists!
  • Episode 12 // Game of Thrones (Things That Require Awkward Explainations)
    In this episode, which incidentally includes no actual conversation on the HBO show it shares a title with, we talk about what we do for entertainment when we are on the potty and why it's difficult to share our faith sometimes. No shortage of awkward this time.
  • Episode 11 // 2015 REWIND
    The crew takes a look back at the 365 days that we called 2015, tipping their hats to the moments that defined the year. From Gotham to Hell's Kitchen, from Isla Nublar to Jakku, we hit the high points of a year that will live in nerd infamy.
  • Episode 10(a)//Star Wars Holiday Special (ONE SHOT)
    Tony T, Steve-O, The Lovely Tori and the Big Man Neff go see Star Wars Episode VII together then proceed to geek out about it all over this One Shot Episode. WARNING: The first 30 minutes is guaranteed spoiler-free... after that PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN UNLESS YOU'VE SEEN THE FORCE AWAKENS! OTHER WARNING: We're pretty sure Tori is in love with Kylo Ren.
  • Episode 10 //Other People's Mail
    We talk about X-Men Apocalypse, play the card game Superfight, and spend quite a bit of time answering your emails. If you like totally random questions, this episode will minister to you in a personal way.
  • Episode 9(a)//The Trailer Park (ONE SHOT)
    A one shot episode where Producer Steve-O and Tony T take a moment to compare and critique some of the newest comic book movie trailers, Dawn of Justice and Civil War.
  • Episode 9 //We Could Be Heroes
    We discuss the Hero's Journey and how it fits into our favorite stories, we break down the Bible as a narrative, and we play some fun hero games. Also, Samwise vs Frodo: Who is the real hero? Enjoy our uncomfortable debate!
  • Episode 8 (THE OCHO)//Pre-Holiday Randomness
    Our Nerd of Godcast crew can't quite commit to one topic tonight... perhaps we're too excited about the Thanksgiving Holiday, or getting ready for Megacon Fan Days, or maybe we're just super tired. Let our folly be your entertainment as we go from Street Fighter to Star Wars, from Playworld to Papua New Guinea.
  • Episode 7(a)//All-Music Breakdown! (ONE SHOT)
    This week we take time to break it down with some of our favorite Christian hip hop and nerdcore artists. Enjoy tracks from EL-7EVEN, BIG AL CAPWN, THE JUST-HIS LEAGUE, and our own QUENTIN NEFF. Turn down the lights and turn up the bass.
  • Episode 7 // Stage Fright (feat. CT_Rockstar)
    We proudly present to you a theatrical performance from a galaxy far far away as the NOG.cast crew does a table reading of Ian Doescher's William Shakespeare's Star Wars ( and talks about the "stage fright" we sometimes feel when sharing our faith.
  • Episode 6(a)//Dressing Up & Dropping Names (ONE SHOT)
    Tony T flies solo for this one shot episode, talking about cool costumes we saw this weekend, being asked by Neff to wake him up before we go-go, and name-dropping about our celebrity dinner dates.
  • Episode 6 // My Future Decided (feat. J-Mart)
    "I have told you these things before they happen so that when they do happen, you will believe." ~Jesus (John 14:29) We charge our Flux Capacitors and travel to the future, October 21st, 2015. Come talk nerdy with us on an adventure through time.
  • Episode 5(a)//Spoiler Alert (ONE SHOT)
    Tony T flies solo for this one shot episode, wrestling with the "should or shouldn't I" of watching the new Star Wars trailer, how much is too much when it comes to plot spoilers, and how there is little else as wonderful as experiencing the unspoiled gift of story. (This one shot contains no actual spoilers)
  • Episode 5 // All Play! (Nerd Trivia Night)
    We take a break from the discussions and debates to test our nerd knowledge (knerd knowledge?) by playing Chicken v Egg, the Metagame, Siri Says and more! With guest Jessica Terror.
  • Episode 4 // Drowning in the Mainstream
    We celebrate Batman Day by ranking our favorite versions of the Dark Knight, dream up reboots for movies and games, and discuss why nerds are hot but Jesus is not.
  • Episode 3(a)// Don't Panic (ONE SHOT)
    A "fun sized" one-shot recorded after Nerd of God.cast Night at the Movies. We talk movies made from books, books made from movies, movies about the Bible and discover right off the bat that Tori may be a hamster.
  • Episode 3 // Wisdom, Courage, Girl Power
    Episode 3 of the Nerd of God.cast... Fantastic Feasts and Where to Find them, Cross-Overs WE'D like to see, and a look at some of the coolest, toughest, smartest characters who all happen to be girls.
  • Episode 4(a)// Podcast Day Bonus (ONE SHOT)
    It's Podcast day! We're releasing a bonus One Shot Episode featuring a video game review that we had to cut from Episode 4. Plus, stick around to the end to hear an original song by our very own Neff!
  • Episode 2 // Sacrifice
    Episode 2 of the Nerd of God.cast... As a thunderstorm raged all around us, we answer listener questions, play "Old Testament Character or Sci-Fi Alien?" build a Lord of the Rings Theme Park and discuss why sacrifice is foundational to great storytelling. --
  • Episode 1(a)// Forging Armor (ONE SHOT)
    In this "fun sized" episode, Tony T discusses armor forging in Skyrim and Dragon Age, reveals a bit of his love/hate relationship with elves, and gives fashion advice for dancing with Diablo in the pale moonlight. Bonus Feature! Music by hip hop artist and geek EL-7EVEN. Check him out at
  • Episode 1 // Redemption
    Episode I of the Nerd of God.cast, we discuss the video game universe in which you'd want to spend the next ten years, review the new Fantastic 4, and discuss the theme of redemption.