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Episode 108- Adaptations

Check out our latest episode Adaptations!

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This week, we talk about books adapted into movies, movies into stage shows, ans stage shows that should have never been made movies. Plus, movies about the Bible, both good and bad.

Episode Timeline

  • 0.00.00- Welcome and Introductions
  • 0.01.15- All the Socials
  • 0.01.53- GAME (Name That Team Name, Team)
  • 0.10.41- Best Thing Ever
  • 0.13.46- THE TALK (Adaptation)
  • 0.44.28- The Last Word
  • 0.46.25- Goodnight, Squad

NOG Art Festival!

nerd art

We’re looking for artists in our Nerd of God Squad who would be interested in designing some “Fan Art” for our first ever NOG Festival of the Arts. We need something that shows off the heart of our show,  a visual representation of Christ Culture and Nerd Culture. Please submit designs to us at and we’ll put you in the running for our Best in Show, the winner of which will not only receive fabulous prizes but will also bring honor to your family’s name for generations to come!

Open to all ages, Submission deadline is September 24th, 2018. Physical art may be submitted with no guarantee of return, please email us for shipping information.

The Four are Fantastic Again!!!!

After 2 years on hiatus, Marvel has announced the return of the Fantastic Four in a brand new series coming this August, written by Dan Slott with art by Sara Pichelli. The series comes after several teases over the past few monthes, including an appearance by the children of Sue and Reed Richards, Franklin and Valeria, in last year’s Marvel Legacy

as well as the comic book Marvel 2-in-1 featuring The Human Torch, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm, The Ever-Loving Blue Eyed Thing.

Many credited the original demise of the Four to the new film that was coming out, the critically panned Fant4stic, saying that Marvel was trying to lower the competition to their own cinematic universe. Others blamed it on lowering interest and book sales.

Either way, we here at the Nerd of Godcast are glad to see Marvel’s first family come back to life for a whole new generation. What do you think about this comeback? Do you think this can have implications beyond the Marvel comic book universe? Let us know in the comments below and on social media.

Vs. Injustice

Superhero movies are my favorite. I have been obsessed with the Spider-Man movies (especially the Tobey Maguire ones… not sorry) since I was a little girl. Superhero movies are just great, and I love to see the good guy overcome the challenges presented by their villains. Whether it’s the Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus, there is always someone who is hurting those who cannot defend themselves. What’s a city to do without the ability to  properly defend itself? The answer, in this case, would be to call upon someone who can, and that someone is their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.


No matter the crisis or the villain, the story doesn’t begin there. We see from the start that Peter Parker had been wronged by a broken society; the brokenness resulted in the death of his beloved Uncle Ben. Peter probably could have just continued his life, but his loss and hurt compelled him to action. He inevitably began to take matters into his own hands, using his great power and great responsibility to become the Spider-Man. He became a hero for the every man, defending those who would have otherwise been defenseless. He desired to restore justice to the place which he loved, despite having been wronged by their failure to protect his loved ones.

Justice is something we all desire, knowingly or not. Like Peter Parker, we have all been affected by injustices in one way or another. It should compel us to action in the same way (minus the suit and web shooters.) Because we know injustices and oppression hurt, the Lord reminds us to extend our hand to others (Deut. 10:18-19, Exodus 23:9). Our desire, like the prophet Isaiah, should be to “free those who are wrongly imprisoned” (58:6, NLT). God’s throne is built on righteousness and justice, and our defense is in Him (Psalm 89:14,18). For the believer, justice began on the Cross of Jesus Christ. It would be in injustice to keep that to ourselves. So, by God’s grace, we must extend that opportunity of true justice to the defenseless.


alexsimonAlexandria is a worship coordinator for Driven Youth Ministries, and small group leader for Shift Preteens and The One Young Adults. She has a passion for Marvel Movies and graphic novels, as well as Lord of the Rings or anything fantasy. Find her on Twitter at @faitdetoiles