NOG.Cast Crew Bios

Tony Talavera Nerd of Godcast
Veteran Youth Pastor and leader of the Nerd of God.cast, Tony Talavera brings to every show a passion for comics, games, sci-fi and the nerds who love them. @ItsMeTonyT


Steve-O Nerd of Godcast
Steven is not the worst, despite what you’ve seen, heard, or what everyone else says. He IS a movie buff, a lover of 90’s culture and Back to the Future. @ItsThatSteven
Jackie Nerd of Godcast
Jackie Wilson is a bona fide band geek, an honorary citizen of Hyrule, a pirate (we think) and she’s always on the tipping point of fan-girling. @JackieWilson027
Jessica Terror Nerd of Godcast
Jessica “Terror” Manchester is a lover of animals, a master of the World of Warcraft, and she can crush you at any trivia quiz you bring on. Be afraid. @NorthernBelle87
Neff Nerd of Godcast
The big man Quentin Neff is a comic book fan, a history buff, and a closet rap star. Always quick with a joke, he’s the life of every party. @NEDoubleFMusic
EJ Nieves, a.k.a. Official N.E.H.S. is a visionary artist and social media beast. The letters “N-E-H-S” stand for No-Eye-Has-Seen. You’re not ready. @OfficialNEHS
Nick Nerd of Godcast
Nick “The Engineer” Sadler is the guy that makes our podcast do the thing. He’s into Legos and Minecraft, and he can build some pretty amazing stuff in real life, too. @NWSadler

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