Inhumans in IMAX!

It was revealed this week that the premiere of the ABC television show Marvel’s the Inhumans will be played in IMAX theaters as well as TV screens. This makes it the first ever show to premiere in IMAX, but hopefully this isnt just a gimmick, but a stepping off point for another great superhero series.

Pokemon GO Back to Your Games

It was released that Pokemon from the second generation of characters, found in Pokemon Gold and Silver, can be hatched in Pokemon GO! Beloved characters such as Pichu and Togepi have been added to the mobile app, which has lost much steam since its original release earlier this year, which took the world by storm. We’re sure this is an attempt to create new buzz around the game, and we hope it succeeds. I hope I can hatch a Lugia. Let us know which Pokemon you’re looking forward to in the comments!


As of right now, the SPIDER-MAN: Homecoming trailer has been out for about 15 minutes and I have already watched it about 10 times (not a joke) and I LOVED it. Check it out here:


To quote our very own Neff: “ Yes. Absolutely yes. Spider-man is back!” and I completely agree with him. There is so many moments in the trailer that make me incredibly happy. For one, Peter finally feels like he is actually in high school. Sam Rami’s movies spent about 10 minutes on teenage Spidey and quickly moved on. Marc Webbs renditions focused a bit more on Peter in the teens but it never really clicked well for me. This one seems to hit it on the nose. I am very interested and intrigued to see how they are going to have Peter handle these monumental moments while still worrying about his chemistry homework. I am excited to see Peter deal with everything as a “real” teenager would.

I like the look they’re giving the Vulture. I always thought he was a bit odd in the comics and never really cared for the villain, and the trailer makes him see incredibly threatening. I love Michael Keaton as an actor and I hope Marvel and Sony will let him let loose and make this character believable and not just another throwaway villain. One of the few beefs I have with the MCU is that they don’t have amazing villains, sans a select few. Usually, if they’re only in a single movie, they don’t develop the character as well as I would like. That’s not always the case and I hope it isn’t here.

I saw Sam Rami’s Spider-man when I was 11 years old and it captivated me. So much so that my friends and I took all of our actions figures (only one of which was Spider-man related, thankfully it was Spider-man) and made our very own Spider-man movie, which was about 6 hours long and was a continuous, nonsensical mess, but we had fun and geeked out. Tobey McGuire was my Spider-man, much like Michael Keaton is a lot of peoples Batman. I think Spider-man Homecoming might change that for me. Tom Holland seems to be bringing a familiar yet new spin to Peter Parker and I for one am excited for it.

Plus, I never thought I would get so incredibly geekcited* over Spidey’s Web Wings.





*Geekcited may not be and actual word.





Crossover Episode

The Christian Nerd

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving this week with a special crossover episode of the Nerd of God.cast! As ususal we’ll talk comics, movies, and games, but this time we’re joined by Scott Higa from The Christian Nerd podcast! Two universes coming together for the first time! We have a lot of fun and you won’t want to miss a minute of this two-in-one podcast!

Episode 33: Crossover, will be available (at some point) on Tuesday November 22 on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, or wherever fine podcasts are consumed.

Justice At Last for Next Gen Heroes

The wildly popular show Young Justice has just been confirmed to be in development for a third season that many were afraid may never come.  DC animation confirmed that the beloved animated series will be returning, but did not disclose when or on what platform. Needless to say, we welcome The Team back with open arms.

Are there any shows YOU think need to come back from cancellation? Let us know in the comments below!

Chris Pine’s “Time” to Shine

It was reported this week that Star Trek star Chris Pine will be joining the cast of the upcoming adaptation of the beloved novel “A Wrinkle in Time”. He joins other Hollywood stars such as Mindy Kaling, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Reese Witherspoon, and Oprah Winfrey. No release date has been announced.

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