The Hunger Gnaws

I was talking with a friend of mine named Christian today. He travels a lot and spends much of his time overseas, so I always enjoy catching up with him. He is truly one of the smartest and funniest people I know and a genuine pleasure to be around. As we were chatting he mentioned that he’d been listening to and enjoying our podcast, which is a huge honor to me because when someone so creative gives you a nod you’re all like, “yeah, that’s what’s up,” but inside you’re like…84238-jon-stewart-im-totally-fangirl-eaol

To give you context, Christian does a very successful show on Youtube called STREETFOOD, where he travels around China and Asia and eats strange and exotic foods available from street vendors. It’s a brilliant show and supremely entertaining, so for him to mention the little old Nerd of God.cast seems like a pretty big honor. I brought up that our show, unlike his, never makes anyone feel hungry, to which he responded, “You guys talk about Wawa more than you might realize.”
And you know what? He’s right.


So Wawa… here’s the deal. We’re giving you all the love in the world, I think it’s high time you love us back. Sponsor us. Cater for us. Hook us up with some free soup. Something. Because we’ve done our part, and the people have recognized it. It’s time you do, too. We’ll still be there. We’ll still be purchasing and consuming your fine victuals… but this relationship cries out to be more than one-sided. Let’s take this thing to the next level.

Your move, Wawa.

Game Time

I’ve really been into table top gaming lately… I have always loved board game night, playing family favorites like Apples to Apples and Scrabble every time the family got together. As our groups official #AmbassadorOfFun I would always be on the lookout for great party games to share. We diversified into some console based party games like NintendoLand, Johann Sebastian Joust and Rock Band, and even some smartphone based fun like Heads Up, but playing around the table just seemed like the perfect fit for our brand of get-togethers.

We started several years back playing Hero Clix and Zombies, later discovering games like Munchkin and its multitude of spin off games. We were always nervous about getting games that were too involved or heavy laden with rules, because as you have new friends come over you don’t want them to have to take a correspondence course to understand the basic mechanics of game play. Our sweet spot became something that was unique, fun, and most of all simple to learn.

Tsuro (and Tsuro of the Seas) is easy enough to pick up and play and it stays fun and fresh. iKnow is sleek and engaging (although trivia games are a tough sell in my house.) One of our personal favorites is a game called Dixit, which is a card based game similar to Apples to Apples but with amazing artwork on the cards in place of words.

We recently picked up a game called Love Letter which became a fast favorite (every time we get together at least one person asks to play.) Superfight is another game that holds a ton of fun, but it does require skill and quick thinking, as well as some amount of pre-installed knowledge of the subject matter, so it’s good fun with the right group of friends. I got King of Tokyo for Christmas, which is fun and fairly simple to play (it’s basically Yahtzee meets as Saturday afternoon monster flick.) I also got the Portal 2 Uncooperative Cake Acquisition game, which we haven’t played all the way through yet, but I’m a geek for the subject material so I’m already in love.

Table Top gaming can be a pricey endeavor, with many of these games costing upward of $50 or more. In my experience however, you’re getting a quality made, usually beautifully crafted product that will provide hours of fun for you and your friends. There is a lot of fun to be had and it’s nice to sit around a table, looking at one another, laughing and making great memories. So next time you feel like getting your game on, maybe turn off the XBox and open up the game box.
I’ve linked to my favorite games, share some of yours in the comments.


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Civil War

Yesterday, the Captain America: Civil War trailer finally dropped.

So, I guess that’s old news then?

In case you haven’t yet, check it out:


Civil War is one of my favorite comic book story arcs. So, needless to say I was incredibly excited and intrigued when Marvel announced it as the title to the “Part 2” of 2014’s Winter Soldier. I am very interested on how they will tackle this story in the MCU with what they have built into the universe.

I wont go into to any details on the trailer just yet, I’ll let it speak for itself for now. Although, I cannot help but watch this part (among others) over and over again and geek out every time!


What do you guys think of the trailer?

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