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The pastor of disaster, the innovator of offense, hero to dozens... it's me it's me, the T-O-N-Y-T. {speaker, singer, actor, artist, puppeteer, pastor, writer, wronger, gamer, geek, father & friend; none of which means a thing if it doesn't reflect Jesus}

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Tears of the Kingdom and Other Addictions Nerd of Godcast

I say I can quit anytime I want to, but I still find myself looking for shrines, koroks and lightroots at 3am. The latest entry in The Legend of Zelda franchise has us learning how weak we actually are.
  1. Tears of the Kingdom and Other Addictions
  2. The Important Stuff
  3. Simpler Times
  4. Sharing Jesus with 160,000 people at Megacon
  5. Live at Megacon '23

Megacon Outreach 2021

We’re once again blessed to be able to represent Jesus, our podcast and community at the Megaconvention in Orlando. We’ll be set up amongst a myriad of creatives in Artist Alley and from there we’ll be forming relationships and being a light to convention guests and exhibitors alike.

This year we will have a double booth which will allow us to have a far more interactive experience to get to know and minister to people. We will also be recording special podcast content, which we’re very excited about.

Please consider being a part of our Convention team by joining us in prayer or supporting us financially.
And if you’re attending Megacon, purchase your tickets here and a portion will go to help us, too. Thank you so much for your kindness and for believing in the ministry of the Nerd of Godcast!

Episode 146// I Want to go to there: Fantastic DESTINATIONS

“Tahiti. It’s a magical place.”

― Phil Coulson, Agent of SHIELD

On this episode we’re joined once again by the NOG Twin, Jackie and Jessica. We discuss the unique look and feel of some of our favorite fantasy (and real life) locations and consider the place Jesus has gone to prepare for us.

Episode 145// Murder mystery all-play

“There has been a murder, and you… are a suspect.”

― Caleb Crawdad, Michael Scott

For this first ALL PLAY of season six, we bring back NOG alumni Lovely Lady Lismari and the twins, Jackie and Jess, and we enjoy a three course dinner with a side of MURDER! Listen to this classic theater-of-the-mind style radio drama, piece together the clues, and see if you can figure out whodunnit before the crew does!